Monday, December 20, 2010

My Son has turned into a teenager!

Okay, not really! It is just amazing to me how much personality he has. What really brought teenage years to mind is how he calls out for me. When he wants my attention or help he yells across the house, MOM, MOM, MOOOM.  My response is usually geesh child you sound like a teenager!  Do I have to put up with this already!?  Then he has his opinions and know everything attitude. It's all too funny.  I'm really enjoying it, it's rather entertaining and I guess it's a little sneak peak of what I will be expecting later on down the road.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Life Lately

Along with new independence that Carson has gained since turning 2 has also come massive amounts of energy!  I have hardly been able to be online and I feel guilty because the only reason I am on right now is because Carson is being entertained by Thomas the train.  TV time seems to be the only time Mom gets peace and quiet.  I have limited it and I'm pretty strict about how much TV he watches, but I feel bad pushing him off to the electronic babysitter. 

I'm trying to adjust and find our healthy balance.  Mom can't work 24/7 despite what little boys think!  Although I'm feeling pretty good because Carson didn't wake up once last night...not even once.  Now, I went to bed late but even still I was able to get 7 straight hours of sleep which I haven't gotten since Carson was 4 months old.  Not sure if it will happen again anytime soon and I have no expectations.  I'm just grateful for a night to recuperation!

We have really been working on Carson's digestion.  He is still suffering from severe acid reflux and his doctor suggested an X-Ray of his internals to see if there is a kink causing problems.  I really don't want Carson to be exposed to more radiation since tiny bodies are more susceptible to it but I will if we have exhausted all other avenues.  We have been using Colic Calm, which is slightly different than regular gripe water and has claims of "curing" reflux.   I figured we would give it a shot along with a stricter diet.  It has seemed to help a bit so I am happy with that and .  I would like Carson's pain to end and for us all to be able to sleep at night!