Monday, November 7, 2011

Becoming an Individual

It started this summer when Carson was determined to wear his camo coat everywhere in 90 degree weather.  For the first time he was asserting his individuality. The "me do it myself" persona.  He refused to take this beloved coat off until he was beet red in the face and sweating.  He even wore it while we ran errands.  It looked pretty funny but it was okay with me because I wanted to support this new development.  Then it turned into wearing his bike helmet everywhere and picking out his own outfits.  Now I try and beat him to his dresser to pick something "cool" or at least presentable out.  If I don't, it's pretty much a guarantee that a massive fight about the Lightening McQueen shirt he has now worn three days in a row will ensue. He has no concept of "it needs to be washed honey." I usually talk him down with a hideous bright red robot shirt that he loves. The other day Josh looked at me and mouthed..."we need more Lightening McQueen shirts."  Then there was the day that I had to whisper a very quiet "Oh, Lord."  Meaning I silently prayed...dear God save me from this awful embarrassment of having to take him out in public looking like this! He had found his old snow boots from two years ago and had somehow shoved his growing size 10 feet into tiny size 5 boots.  I honestly couldn't even figure out how it was physically possible.  He would not take them off.  I had to remind myself...he's becoming an individual.  I ended up having to take them off after he had fallen asleep.  The "Oh, Lord" part came when he grabbed his Daddy's safety goggles and yes, put them on.  Also bear in mind, it was not cold out yet.  So he looked a little funny with teeny tiny snow boots and a pair of gigantic safety goggles on.  He is an individual, I say to myself and we packed it out of the house.  Thankfully, I've gotten used to the looks.  If only they knew that I had tried to convince him otherwise before leaving the house, however, he is an individual.

We were running errands the other day and as we were driving through the parking lot, a mother and her three-year old son walked out of the store and crossed in front of our car.  I had to do a double take because of what this little boy was wearing on his head.  It was none other than a cheap plastic bucket with the handle under his chin as if it were a strap.  I started laughing and was so thankful that I am not the only mother going through this.  I was also thankful that as of yet, Carson has not gone out wearing a bucket on his head.