Sunday, September 25, 2011

Overcoming Breastfeeding Struggles

Breastfeeding my second baby did not go as planned.    Carson and I struggled a lot.  He was severely tongue-tied and could not even latch.  After extensive help from lactation consultants and a simple tongue-clip procedure we were able to successfully breastfeed.  He ended up breastfeeding until 19 months and I was extremely happy and fulfilled with our success.

It surprised me to be experiencing those same issues plus some with Emily.  I have to admit I was pretty emotional about it. She had to go through a tongue-clipping and upper lip clip.  It was extremely emotional and I was not sure I was making the right decision.  However, as we started to breastfeed successfully, I knew I had made the right choice.  Prior to the help we received, I was having extreme pain from her biting and her bubble palette that had formed due to her tongue-tie.  Once the pain was gone, the bonding started happening in greater amounts.  Not only is breast milk the best nutrition infants can receive, the added bonding was well worth the struggle.  It probably took me longer to get over the procedures than it did for her.

I am thankful that I now get to experience successful breastfeeding with Emme.  I am also thankful for the resources we have.  We have a plethora of lactation consultants.  It took me a few to finally see the right one for us. You have to be your own advocate in every area of health.  I also want to spread the message that it is possible to overcome breastfeeding challenges and it's worth the struggles involved.

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