Monday, March 14, 2011

Meal Planning

I'm trying to get back into meal planning. Since moving into our adult family home we have been overwhelmed with adjusting to the lack of a 9-5 schedule for the hubby and it's been a challenge no longer officially being a stay-at-home mom. Things like a dinner menu have gone by the wayside. Now that we have a little more employee help, I'm trying to regain some normalcy and also restore health and healthy family habits to our lives. It is a challenge because some nights two dinners are required, one for our residents and one for us. That can be exhausting. Some nights I can combine the two which is helpful so I will be trying to do a mix of both. Our residents eat a very light dinner which we don't mind every other night or so but we'd go crazy after a whole weak of that. I love my comfort dinners!

I'm looking forward to home cooked dinners again and I know my family is as well. One thing at a time right? Next is figuring out how to keep my house clean on top of everything else.

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