Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade Felt Board

Carson refuses to go into nursery at church so instead of trying to force him to stay there each Sunday, I decided it was time to start brainstorming ideas for quiet activities he can do while staying with us in church.  I was over at my mom's house one night running things by her and trying to get ideas and her good friend was over and she mentioned that she had made felt boards for her kids to play with only during church so it was special.  I had been wanting to make a felt board anyway so decided that was the perfect idea.  So I spent a couple hours cutting out animals shapes and gluing them together.  Now we have a cute felt board ready for church tomorrow.  I also cut out a bunch of regular shapes.  I thought of creating different food but ran out of energy.

The project cost me less than $5 and I have a ton of leftover felt that I can use to make felt boards for birthday presents this year for all of Carson's little friends.
Steps for a homemade felt board:
1. Purchase cheap picture frame.  (I think I paid a $1 for this at Walmart)
2. Buy Various Colors of felt
3. Glue main felt piece (I chose blue) to picture frame backing and dispose of glass insert. (I used a fabric stick glue) I then cut the extra felt off around the edges until it was flush with the backing.  Then I placed piece back into frame.
4. Create your felt pieces and you're done!  Possibilities are endless.

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