Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Me: "Did you dust the house like I had asked?"
Josh: "Yup"
Me: "You Did?"
Josh: "Uh huh"
Me: "Then why is all the furniture dusty?"
Josh: "You asked me to dust the house, so I dusted it"
Me: "What does that mean? Isn't the furniture part of the house?"
Josh: "Well if you wanted the furniture dusted, then why didn't you ask me to dust the furniture?"
Me: "So what exactly did you dust? I'm confused."
Josh: "The house!"

This is a dialogue Josh and I recently had when I asked him to dust the Adult Family Home because it was looking a little fuzzy. I am still flabberghasted by the differences between communication of a husband and wife. Even after almost 7 years of marriage my jaw still drops in response to the casm there is between our two brains. We never cease to learn and grow in this area and hopefully we never will. It amazes me that God created us so differently yet with the ability to complement each other so well (at least with a little work ;).

After picturing our conversation above, I could totally see Josh walking through the house with a swiffer duster dusting the walls and corners thinking what a great job he's doing :) And I'm sure he did an excellent job. By no means is he lazy. Just next time I'll remember to include the furniture in my request.

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