Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V Day Thoughts

As Valentine's Day nears I keep thinking of ways that Josh and I can celebrate the day cheaply. It's something I would like to honor, even if it is created by Hallmark to sell cards, chocolate and of course flowers!

I'm not interested in cliches anymore or spending much money for the holiday, but something fun would be nice. Especially since I feel like we have a love to celebrate.

I met Josh when I was 15 and I am grateful for the fact that we fell in love so young. We have had struggles because we have had to mature and grow together and it's hard enough to grow up on your own. Those memories fade fast though when I look at him and my heart pounds against my chest and I get butterflies in my stomach and once again I feel like the giddy teenager I once was. I am thankful that I married the love of my youth and I did not have to experience the heartbreak and confusion that most women in my generation go through. I don't feel like I missed out on anything getting married at 19. We were meant for each other and God has done a lot of work on each of our hearts through our marriage. Sometimes I forget this when I am hormonal and tired. We snap at each other needlessly and blame each other for pointless mistakes. I guess that is why marriage is called work.

Since we have had Carson we have had less time together. We have more fun than ever now, but these holidays give us an excuse to just have time for the two of us and I want take advantage of it! We don't take enough time out of each day for the other, let alone each week or month. We're guilty of getting caught up in life. I wish I could add Valentine's Day to my daily life. What an amazing marriage we would have!

So I'm planning early this year because I want our marriage to be a priority. Especially since it will only get harder to remember the importance of it as we get older and we add more children to our brood.

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