Friday, February 12, 2010


Mornings like these are tough! Carson wanted to nurse all night long and he kept wanting to be rocked. He somewhat settled down every time I rubbed his belly but it didn't last long. I am tired of his stomach aches. Thankfully they are less often now. For some reason though he always keeps me up before a work day. I am helping Josh at the AFH this morning and then grooming and I now have to do this on no sleep and a stiff back.

Right now, I am very thankful I am not pregnant because I wouldn't have the energy to care for both. As it is sometimes I barely have the energy to just care for Carson. I am very thankful that he still takes two naps a day!

Nights like these make me want to quit nursing Carson all together. It is important to me that he self-weans. He has a milk sensitivity and so the fact that he is still getting breast milk I think is really important. He could drink soy, but what God has given me to feed my child is so much healthier! They can't even compare. I also read that if you continue nursing through their 2nd year of life, they get a second dose of immunities like they did as infants. I think that is so cool and it's because of facts like that I soldier on and it's hard to be upset when he wakes up and smiles at me with his precious angel face.

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