Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry for my absence. I was recently hacked. Some man in Indonesia was able to hack my email account and then change the password which locked me out of both my email and blogger account. It took me nearly a week to gain access again. Unfortunately right before my account was stolen I had changed my pay pal password. I change that one more regularly to be safe but it emailed my new password to me. So this guy was able to see that and gain complete access to our money. Thankfully he only made a few purchases and we have already been reimbursed for most of them. The odd and kind of idiotic thing was that Mr. Pratama (I hope you're reading this) was using my email address as his personal account with these transactions. Two of the purchases were for online hosting sites so Josh was able to log in and change those passwords so he can no longer have access. Ha! Because he used my email address we had his email address, IP address, and mailing address. We thought of sending him cookies laced with laxatives but then decided he probably wouldn't eat them anyway. I possibly could be opening myself up to more fraud by continuing to use this account but I just could not imagine starting from scratch. I might at some point, but not this week.


  1. Ahhh! Seriously?! So lame. I'm sorry Carrie...glad you are getting it straightened out! Boo Mr. P.!!!

  2. Oh Carrie!! How horrible!!! We have definitely both had our hits this month- my health and your hacking! Sheesh- quite the pair! Do you want to try for this week or next to FINALLY get together?

  3. Oh that sucks! But on the bright side it makes for a really funny story!