Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Name!

So I changed the blog name and URL address.  I decided it was time since we are planning for more children and My Life With Carson didn't really fit anymore.  I chose the original blog name, My Life With Carson, to sort of journal how raising a high need child has changed us as parents and as individual people.  The new title, Simply Life (in Progress) was chosen to convey how we are continually changing and growing as parents and as individual people and how we are trying to do all that while keeping a simple life.  Simplicity has always been important to my hubby and I and it shapes our goals and dreams and how we raise our little guy.  Sticking to the basics of needs, and some wants, but mostly meaning home cooked meals, homemade bread, veggies from the garden, etc...  Trying our hardest not to be influenced by external superficial forces.  It can be tough and sometimes we are going to struggle and you will read about it but I will also be sharing our triumphs too. 

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