Thursday, January 6, 2011

Terrible Twos?

Does that phrase drive you nuts?  Personally, I can't stand it.  Lately when someone asks Carson's age and I say two, the immediate response is..."oh terrible twos, hang in there mama."  Labeling a little child just feels wrong to me.  I know dread stating his age.  Especially when I see it as an age of growth.  I now have the responsibility to shape his character and it's an honor to me.  Yes, there are days it's hard.  Eating out as a family is becoming impossible because sitting still for that long is absolute torture for him.  That's a good thing though!  It's forcing us to eat in more saving us money and from an unhealthy burden on our bodies.  The blessings of this age far outweigh any work I have to put in.   The increasing independence has been nice, but his budding character development has been down right awesome.  Josh and I are having so much fun with Carson at this age.  I have been loving each stage of his development as the "best."  I thought when he was a newborn that nothing would be as great as this, then when he started to sit up, crawl, walk, talk, and interact I've thought the same thing.  Next time someone tells me..."oh, the terrible twos,"  I'll say "no, actually they're terrific."

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  1. Two's were awesome for me too! I love your perspective, Carrie. Three has been a difficult year for both my older kids. But even in that, they are adorable and fun too - and it has proven a time of growth for our whole family. [My mom always said, "Terrific Two's" also.] :)