Monday, September 20, 2010

A weekend of discovery

I learned something about myself this last weekend.  It brought new light to my identity.  Josh and I headed up to his parents property this weekend in search of some  R&R and family alone time.  It was possibly going to rain, but since his parents have an RV to hang out in, it didn't stop us.  Saturday was beautiful weather and we hiked all day.  Then Sunday came and it ended up down pouring all day.  Even though it was raining it did not hinder me in the slightest from going outside.  Shortly after breakfast, I started getting Carson and I in rain gear while Josh just looked at us funny.  Finally, he asked, where are you going?  My response was...a hike...duh.  He reminded me that it was raining.  Carson and I went off on our adventure and Josh joined us soon after.  We ended up spending hours just walking around the property, checking out claw marks in trees, hiking to the spring head and getting fresh water, then we spent time trying to find random dear trails. We discovered it was just as much fun to hike in the rain.  When we got back to the trailer and took off our soaking wet coats, we were thankful to discover we were still dry underneath.  That's when it hit me. I'm an outdoors girl. I was absolutely beaming. 

To me, this revelation isn't new.  Growing up when my mom asked me to sweep the kitchen, I begged to go outside and rake the leaves.  Plus, I always enjoyed the many camping and backpacking trips I took with my family growing up.  I'm a decent homemaker.  I like to bake, especially when it involves sugar.  I also like to sew, knit, crochet and scrapbook.   Even though I do like these tasks a lot, I don't love them.  The second we drive into a forest, with that crisp fresh air, I feel like I've been revived.   Josh and I had been seeking out ways to be active and lately we have been finding places to hike and it has just been adding fuel to the fire of my passion.  Thankfully, it's also a healthy passion for the whole family.  Now, we are going to make more of an effort to fit outdoors activities into our lives.  Finding a piece of my identity brought a lot of peace to my soul.  I finally  have an outlet so to speak.  When life starts creating massive amounts of stress, as it usually does, I have a way to unwind.  It's a big relief for me. 

Other things I love:

Carson falling asleep in my arms
Watching a movie late at night with my hubby, snuggled on the couch
Socializing with good friends &
Italian food

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