Monday, September 27, 2010

Carson got to ride in the vroom vroom cart today

It is amazing what becoming a mother does to a person.   Today Carson and I went grocery shopping.  We went to Yokes because they have the cool carts with the cars in front.  Carson loves those things and he always recognizes that Yokes is the store that has them.  As we pulled into the parking lot I got a little nervous because there were a lot of cars.  Which meant more parents with their children using the special carts.  I drove past each cart return to make sure there wasn't one hanging out by it's lonesome before heading inside.  As we were walking in, I peeked over to where the car carts should be and there were none.  I was quickly disappointed as Carson was making vroom vroom noises in my ear.  I took a step further and spotted a couple pushing their son out in none other than Carson's favorite car.  I spotted that they only had one bag of groceries so I practically chased these people down and asked them if they were done with the cart.  They looked at each other and I knew what they were silently saying.  We parents keep our children in the cars until the last possible moment to make parting a little easier and to create happiness as long as possible.  They were already outside the store so what was the harm in ending their son's ride a little short?  I thought about offering to follow them to their car to prevent any tantrums but decided that might be a little awkward.  They finally said yes and I let out a woohoo (on the inside).  Then I smiled and graciously thanked them and we made small talk.  They understood.  Shopping with a toddler is so much easier when they are entertained.  Those carts are a sanity saver!  Thankfully the little boy seemed to be distracted by the extra company and gave up the car without a fuss to his mom's surprise. 

I had to laugh as I headed into the store.  Before having kids, never in a million years would I have walked right up to a stranger like I did.  Especially if it was any inconvenience for the other person.  Had the couple said no, I wouldn't have been offended.  They would have been standing up for their son's right to enjoy the car a little longer and I would have just hung back I while until I could retrieve it from the cart return.  Minor conflict is not such a big deal to me anymore. I knew I would grow and mature after having a child, but I did not expect my own personality to change.  I love that it has.  I love that I have the confidence to be a mama bear.   Not only for Carson, but for myself as well. 

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  1. Wow, Carrie, what a change! I remember in high school trying to work each other up to have the courage to do the silliest things - like asking for help at a store, or making a phone call to someone we didn't know super well. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to suddenly realize that you're an adult and not afraid of those silly things any more?

    I can just picture Carson making those vroom vroom noises. what fun!