Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Occupied Mind

My mind has been totally blank.  It's because I am in complete disbelief that Carson is turning two in a few days.  Just thinking about his age has allowed no other thoughts in.  Really, two?  Didn't you turn one, like yesterday!  Where did the year go!?  Please don't tell me the next 16 years are going to fly by this fast too. 

I had to juggle being a working mom this last year and I feel like I missed so much because of it.  Yes, we're still home together, but I'm also working.  When I was a stay-at-home mom my day was all about him...about his routine, meeting his needs, making nutritious snacks, playing.  He had to share the spotlight this year with 5 very large toddlers. 

Despite how much I feel I missed I'm still very grateful that I get to spend my days with Carson.  I don't think I could ever have a better block stacking buddy.  Not to mention the fact that I could never get tired of singing with him.  His little voice is beyond cute.  I could spend 24 hours with him a day and still not feel like it was enough.  I'm just a greedy mom! 

I'll probably be in a daze the next few days as I anticipate the big 2.  That's alright, I know I'll snap out of it eventually. 

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