Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working Towards a Goal

What a difference a goal can make in one's life. Really, what a difference a loving and supportive husband can make in one's life.

We have been working A LOT lately. The other day as we were finishing up our morning work, Josh mentioned that if we kept this up, we could build our dream home in the country in just a couple years instead of 5 or more. For a second, that sounded like a great idea. But then I looked at Carson. Is that really what we want? This simple passing comment started the mental pondering of what do we want out of life? What are our priorities? What is important to us?

Since attempting to own an adult family home, we have lost perspective. Business moved to the forefront of our minds and we tried to throw the rest of our lives in there somewhere. Now, we are moving business to the back and family to the front. We are deciding to set up our lives to have a family. Losing our last baby made us realize our lives are not set up for another child right now. Setting our lives up for more children means less financial gain. It means paying off debt more slowly. Although, it also means a healthier and happier lifestyle for everyone including Carson and our next little baby. It means finally living the slower life we have been so desperately wanting. Attaining this goal isn't going to be easy. We have to first find another reliable employee which has proved to be difficult. Each struggle is part of the process though and it's called working towards a goal.

Just this one short conversation about our goals in life has given me hope for the future. Our life has a very new perspective. Why, I wonder, has it taken me so long to do such a simple thing.

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