Sunday, February 20, 2011

August Baby!

So I am finally "announcing" the good news that I'm pregnant!  I am now 15 weeks along and because I'm not showing yet, I guess I haven't felt as much pressure to actually tell others.  Our family knows and some close friends, but that has been pretty much it.  After the last miscarriage, I sort of felt that if I shared the news, I would jinx the pregnancy.  It's taken me awhile to get up the courage to talk about this pregnancy.

I have no idea why I would have any fear.  Not only do I have the Lord on my side, but my first trimester was worse than with Carson.  I missed three months of life.  I spent most of my time hugging the toilet or sleeping.  Obviously baby was doing okay.  My hunch is that the hubby was secretly happy about my morning sickness.  Each time as I was hunched over in pain trying to hold onto what little I ate, I would hear "at least we know the baby's okay."  I really got tired of hearing that.  Yet I panicked when I hit 14 weeks and my nausea was gone.  I guess it became my comfort zone.

I have been really trying to get into this pregnancy and it has been somewhat of a challenge.  Now that I'm feeling better I even forget I'm pregnant sometimes.  Maybe because it's not my first pregnancy.  Or because I'm not showing.  I have also had nothing to do this pregnancy.  As soon as I became pregnant with Carson, I launched myself into a ton of research regarding the kind of birth I wanted.  It was probably above and beyond what is considered normal and I spent the entire pregnancy doing so. I have nothing left to really look into this time.  I may read a few books but I already have the birth planned out so I'm not in a huge hurry to get started.  

We get to find out gender in a few weeks and even though I was playing with the idea of a surprise, finding out and being able to plan will give me something to do for this baby and I'm looking forward to that.  Crossing my fingers for a girl, but will be very happy either way. 

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