Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Little Hunter

Josh and I were watching the most terrible documentary last night.  By terrible I mean rather unbelievable.  It was about Stone Henge and maybe there was some truth to it but the majority of the documentary seemed to be taken up by snippets of what life was like in 4000 b.c. by portraying out there stories.  So the whole time Josh and I were saying how ridiculous this was, how do they know if two brothers went hunting on sacred ground and were frightened by spirits?  Anyway during this time of bashing the film, Carson was apparently watching the two brothers hunt with fascination.  These two hunters took down a pig with bows and arrows and that was the end of the story.  Carson wanted to know what happened to the pig after that. While I was thoughtfully trying to think of what to say to a two year old on this subject, Josh blurts out that they took it home and cooked it.  My jaw dropped!  In my mind I'm thinking that Carson is picturing fuzzy animals being cooked.  Yet to my surprise Carson had the opposite reaction I thought he would.  He thought it was cool and talked incessantly for the next 20 minutes about how they took the pig home and cooked it and ate it, all the while showing us how they hunted him.   Then he stops and demanded his hat, coat and boots so he could go hunt a pig too.  Finally, we were able to convince him that there were no wild pigs in our neighborhood. Sometimes it shocks me how fast little boys become boys. 

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