Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is a subject that would have had me running...that is before having a child.  I always thought my mom was a saint for taking care of me when I was sick and cleaning up after me when I couldn't make it to the bathroom.  Then I got married and my hubby took over the role my mother previously had, elevating his level to sainthood. 

Throw up is actually something I feared dealing with as a parent (how silly is that!?). I have a strong stomach for other things, I'm a caregiver for goodness sake, yet seeing vomit, makes me...vomit. 
I was very pleased when Carson was a little over a year and I met my first challenge head on.  I didn't even gag as he threw up every 20 mins all over me, the couch, and the floor then smearing it everywhere the entire night.  With calm reserve I quickly wiped away the messes.  My husband looked at me like an amazing warrior...he was proud of me as he quickly went to hide away from the nastiness. 

Having a toddler means that my strength is tested often.  He picks up every little virus he comes into contact with.  It dawned on me this last time, just a few days ago, how awesome it feels to be a mom.  As I held his little bucket and helped him sit up from sleep to take care of business, it amazed me at the strength you get just from becoming a mom.  It just happens.  You don't even realize it or see it happening but before you know it you're stronger than you ever thought you'd be.  It took me awhile to become a true mama bear but oh boy I now have no problem letting out a nice growl (or roar as necessary).   

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