Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving Forward

So Josh and I are still trying to make our new "home" a home.  Our partially finished/unfinished basement is already getting old.  It might also be that I'm tired of winter!  We have been feeling a little down because of that and the fact that our Adult Family Home License is taking FOREVER.  The State has had our application for 5 months.  Seriously, how much longer people.  This morning we woke up and decided that we should start working on our space by organizing and get everything ready to finish down here.  We dug right in and started going through our back storage room (soon to hopefully be Carson's room) and we got a page from our employee upstairs that the State Licensor is here.

Our employee was excited and we came bounding up the steps excited because we thought it was for our change of ownership process and we were finally getting licensed.  Nope, just the annual inspection.  BIG let down.  Although it was rather funny because the inspector had never seen that happy of a reaction before!  Thankfully she was very nice and it did give us practice for our big inspection.  But we were bummed and it reminded us, once again, that we are still in limbo waiting for our license.

Then I get a voice mail on my phone from the woman in government that had been working on our license and guess what!?  Things are finally moving forward.  We should hear from our state inspector in a week.  Lol.  Not sure why they couldn't have timed that out better.  We'll now be having two inspections in just a couple of weeks.  However, we are thrilled!  So excited to move forward and have all of our life changes pay off and also return to a more normal way of life...i.e...me being the stay-at-home mom (which we have all missed, including the hubbs).

This is all in perfect timing because I made an executive decision to change our schedule recently.  The new schedule is reducing our hours by quite a bit but we need to provide a life for our little guy, and I decided that burning ourselves out before becoming the official owners was a bad idea.  We're good at budgeting so I convinced Josh we could take it in the shorts until the license goes through.  Thankfully, or hopefully rather, that won't be very long!!!!  I'm so very thankful for a God that provides!  Looking forward to the future.

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