Friday, June 18, 2010

Carson's New Phase

This morning I had to tell Carson that he has some dirt in his teeth.  I was half expecting him to ask where and then decided I better just pick it out for him.   He is going through a definite phase and it's rather concerning.  He attempts to eat everything.  Dirt, bark, flowers, rocks, leaves, etc.  It's concerning because some of the plants in our yard are toxic.  Really, how many edible landscaping items are there?  He seems to be doing fine though.  I'm just not sure how to curb this behavior.  His poor teeth are taking a beating because he literally chews the rocks.  Obviously I snap into action and get the rocks out of his mouth as fast as possible, but it would be nice if he never stuck them in his mouth in the first place.  It's like he's 7 months old again and crawling around the house sticking everything in his mouth.  I thought we were past this!  I panic every time he's outside because what if he decides to eat a flower?  Or choke on a rock!  He has already eaten a Christmas Cactus flower and so we had to put a call into poison control and thankfully it's not toxic, at least in small amounts.   I'm hoping he passes through this phase quickly.

Since it's Friday, here is my Grateful Friday list:

1. That we had the entire last weekend off.  Our employee didn't call in sick or have some drama to take care of.  It was sooooo nice.  Crossing my fingers for this weekend.

2. For a husband who is handy and crafty and builds beautiful bookcases and who is very talented with creative design.

3.  For the ability to work from home with my husband.  I love doing a family business.  I've learned that we work really well together.  We fly into action and just magically know what needs to be done.  I'm actually very impressed with us :).  I wasn't sure how it was going to be.  Plus, this is a big plus, Josh has been able to be so much more involved with Carson's parenting.  They have really bonded lately and it's fun co-parenting together.  I'm also forced to be home and even though I'm working, I find I have a lot more one-on-one time with Carson. 

4.  For coffee.  I had two cups this morning and that's the only reason I'm functioning enough to be able to even blog right now.

5.  For a God that provides.  I know I've said that before but I am truly in awe of his love and provision for us.  Maybe because I've never witnessed it so clearly before or maybe because my eyes are finally opened enough to see what has already been occurring. 

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