Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last night we arrived home after a 4 day trip to the Seattle area for a wedding I was in. It was for one of Josh's cousins. It was an interesting trip to say the least. For 4 days we mingled with "high society" and I have to say it made me appreciate my life that much more. We have a fulfilling life which puts our marriage and family first. I don't feel small by any means because of my lack of passion for a career outside of raising my son. If anything, I felt I had a wonderful secret which I was the only one privy to.

On the trip over Carson only screamed for 20 mins and out of a 4 hour road trip I thought that was pretty good. Then on the way home he screamed for about an hour which I still felt pretty good about because it was still only for a quarter of the trip.

All in all it was a wonderful time. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, and I loved being dolled up. We were staying with another one of Josh's cousins. Her and her husband are such sweeties it was a joy to stay with them. They made us feel right at home, even with a rambunctious toddler.

Although, I was very thankful to get home to our normal life. When we pulled into our neighborhood, I realized how beautiful it really is in all it's quaint glory. We didn't realize this wedding was going to be such a swanky affair. The bride is a pretty laid back person and even though the groom is laid back as well, friends of his family didn't seem to be and they made up a large part of the wedding party. The rehearsal dinner was being held in someone's back yard so we assumed casual. We assumed wrong! Thankfully I had worn a dress but it wasn't nearly dressy enough. As we pulled up to a mansion with a toddler in tow, we both said a silent prayer to help us get through the night. We immediately smacked our foreheads for not taking a cousin up on her offer to babysit. As we walked in and headed to the back of the house where people were mingling, we looked out onto the "backyard.". Backyard was in quotations because the yard was actually a small patio that descended to the lake below with no rails or border to keep Carson from falling off the edge. Then we look at the tables that are perfectly set with nice dishes and crystal champagne glasses. I survey this as Carson is on my hip and silently say oh $&#%. A heads up would have been nice but we decided to stick it out and just prayed that we could make it through the dinner without Carson breaking anything. Despite the fact that Carson only had a few feet to safely move around, we all made it back to the car at of the end of the night with all their pretty dishes and decorations intact. Trust me there was a huge sigh of relief when we made it to the car.  Thankfully this wasn't the situation the entire weekend, but we had our fill by the time we headed home. 

Most people would have been impressed by this huge mansion but not us. We actually learned that this type of life style is not our cup of tea. We prefer homey to pretentious and although the owners of this home were nice, I felt like something was off. There was definitely an air of conceitedness and by the time Sunday came, we couldn't wait to get home to our simple life.  I was amazed that instead of feeling insecure or uncomfortably out of place,  I actually was very grateful that at home we are surrounded by people with the same values as us and that even those that are well off manage to make their homes warm and inviting.  As we were telling Josh's mom and laughing about the potentially diverted disaster, she told me something very wise. That someday all those wordly possessions will be gone and they'll be wearing a diaper like everyone else. It doesn't matter how much wealth you accumulate, eventually someone will be wiping your bottom. Well said words if I do say so myself.


  1. Oh you were in town? I would have loved to see you! I'm guessing your entire trip was scheduled for you, but I'm still bummed out. Glad you survived the swank!

  2. I love you. This post makes me laugh! I can only imagine the heart-drop as you arrived to a completely different situation than was anticipated. Glad you're home now...come play with us simple folk. Seriously. Tomorrow? :)

  3. Andi - trust me I was very bummed out that we didn't get to see you. I think Josh was getting tired of hearing me whine about how we were driving all the way to the other side of the state and yet I couldn't see my Andi Beth. We are hoping to make another trip maybe in August or September but maybe we can have a phone chat before then! Love you.