Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm presently paralyzed from exhaustion.  Moving has been harder than I thought it would be and I knew it was going to be hard.  It's much more difficult to downsize then I thought.  I try to unpack and I have no where to unpack it.  Our new garage is piled high with our stuff and I'd really like to clear it out but every time I try to grab a box I either have no place to put the items or the box is too heavy for me to carry on my own.  Josh has been busy with the construction process and taking care of the old house so it's just been me and Carson.  I'm looking forward to this weekend when we can hopefully start to make some progress!   Also, the basement not being 100% finished and not looking like a home is bothering me more than I thought it would.  There is a ton of potential space but it has stuff in it that has to be taken care of and then finished...sheet rock, mud, and paint...the whole 9 yards.  But since it's a basement we can't just throw sheet rock up.  There are ducts and pipes that have to be boxed around.  Not to mention the cost and the fact that we have no money to pay for it.  We'll be having a yard sale soon and I hope we can make enough to cover some of the cost.  I want the basement completed sooner than I thought. 

It also bothers me that the home is not yet ours.  It's surprisingly emotionally difficult going from home owners to living in someone else's property.  We're working hard to change that.  Lots of research involved since it's not so easy to combine residential real estate and business. 

Despite the stress, it has been nice just waking up and walking up the stairs to work.  Gotta love that.  Carson has been adjusting well.  There was some heart break the first couple days.  We went back to the old house for something and Carson squealed when we pulled in the drive and then when we went to leave, he had a MAJOR melt down.  He displayed more emotion then we've ever seen in him before.  He was arching his back and flailing around refusing to get in his car seat and pointing to the house.  It brought me to tears.  I know he'll soon think of this new place as our home too, but it's probably a little confusing because he knows it's Daddy's work.  Josh had a good idea that as soon as we're all moved in and we have his play area set up, when I walk down the stairs I tell him "let's go home and then we're home."  I'm sure he'll soon recognize it as our space and so will we.  

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  1. Oh Carrie, this sounds rough. Hang in there, friend! Your positive attitude is encouraging!