Monday, June 21, 2010

Rainy Monday

That Shiny Toy Guns song has been running through my head all morning. I'm bummed it's another rainy day.   We had one nice sunny day this last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it but I'm hoping for more and soon.  It's summer for pete's sake!

I've been reading The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace and although I do think she goes a tad far sometimes it is a really great encouragement and reminder of how things should be in a family dynamic.  It may be my culture influencing me  but she mentioned that you should put his hobbies before yours plus cook for him, provide snacks, possibly answer his phone, make sure you look presentable with your hair fixed and makeup on and a slew of other things that Josh and I were laughing about.  I'm glad the one thing we both agree on is we don't want to be superficial spouses.  We love that we are real with each other.  Which means we hang out with my hair in a mess and no make up on and still find each other attractive.  Sorry, but we do share the bathroom sometimes.  That's the reality of only having one.  That's why candles and vents are great things :).  Now on the other hand, I don't walk around in baggy shirts and sweat pants everyday.  When we go on dates, I doll myself up and Josh appreciates that.  We seem to have a good balance on that issue.  The best relationship encouragement I am getting from this book is that I can help my husband accomplish goals.  She suggested to ask your husband weekly what his goals are and keep track for him and ask how you can help him accomplish those goals.  That is something I find to be a great idea because we are created to be our husband's help mate.  This doesn't mean do everything for him, which I am sometimes guilty of and that only hinders growth, but to help your husband accomplish his own goals, even if those goals are hobbies, should be a priority.  I could see how setting and accomplishing his own goals would give Josh some confidence in his life.  Especially instead of a honey-do list that I created.  I've never done a honey-do list but I do sometimes say things like "okay, this is what I want to get done today" and I rattle off a list and expect him to help.  Instead I could stop and ask, what do you think we should get done today?  Then I can give my input of what we should start with first or how we might be able to accomplish those tasks.  I am going to start with this and move on to some other suggestions the author has.  One thing at a time right!

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