Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carson was a Sickie Ickie Last Night

Last night Carson started to get a little lethargic.  He had missed his nap so it wasn't completely out of character but then I realized he was just sort of sacked out in my lap and starting to feel a little warm.  My mommy-sense started tingling.  We were supposed to be leaving for a date in less than 20 mins and I still had to get ready but I couldn't move.  "He's sick" I kept saying over and over.  Josh was dumbfounded.  He kept retorting, "he's tired, let's just bring him over to my mom's and he can sleep on her lap."  I still couldn't move my only response being, "I really think he's sick honey."  Josh once again looked at us in disbelief.  His expression saying where did this come from?  Only a half an hour before he had been running around the house as usual.  Finally, I say I think he has a fever.  Josh grabs the thermometer and he did in fact have a low grade fever, but he gets those sometimes when he's overheated.  So for Daddy's sake, I took Carson's shirt off, but then he started shivering.  That confirmed it for me...he was sick and not overheated.  Josh was still in disbelief because to him, Carson seemed just fine.  So I stood up and without warning Carson christened our brand new carpet with vomit.  Which of course went all over the both of us.  My husband is awesome and despite the fact that just a minute earlier he was an unbeliever, he quickly flew into action and started cleaning the mess up.  We stripped down and jumped in the shower and the rest of the evening my poor little guy snuggled in my lap, unable to go to sleep and too tired to move until he finally was comfortable enough to crash.  We had a long night since his fever didn't break until about 6ish this morning and once that happened he was completely back to normal.  Josh slept in the living room this morning so the first words out of Carson's mouth when he awoke was, "where's Daddy."  I had to contain him from leaping off the bed.  We hurriedly got dressed and met Daddy upstairs and Carson has been running around the house ever since. 

I am very thankful that this seemed to have been very short lived!   The last few times Carson has had the flu, he threw up all night long.  Considering we now have an all-carpeted living area instead of wood floors, I really appreciated that.  I'm hoping he stays better from here on out.  I'm also thankful that God equips us mother's with intuition.  I'm glad I'm not constantly blindsided.  I felt like I had a little heads up, which was very nice! 

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