Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Keep Forgetting to Ask

I was reading Joshua this morning and I came upon a story I have read many times before but something struck me as I was reading through this time. Basically, the gist of the story was that after the Lord through His chosen people destroyed much of the land around Jerusalem, the leaders of Gibeon were in fear for their city and out of fear they came and fooled Joshua into thinking they were from far away.  Because Joshua thought they were from afar, he made a sort of treaty with them.  What hit me was that it said Joshua did not seek the Lord's counsel first.  After Joshua realized the truth, it was too late because he had already given his word.  I sat there thinking, wow, how much do I do without seeking His counsel.  Pretty much everything.  I seek God's blessing for large purchases or big decisions.  Although I seek his blessing for my plan, not His counsel for the decision I should make.  I realized how much I do on my own and then when my plans go off without a hitch I give God the glory.  It hit me how backwards my decision making process has been!  I need to seek the Lord for seemingly small decisions or plans as well.  Sometimes, I know I don't because I know what His answer will be and I don't want to hear.  If I listened though, I know I would be a much better wife and mother because of it. 

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  1. Good point Carrie! I think we all get carried away and forget to ask God's council on many things. I know this is a lesson I could definitely learn something from too! Thanks for mentioning it:)