Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potty Training

Yesterday, Carson ran up to me pulling off his pants and saying "on."  My response was "on what honey."  He looked at me with his big brown eyes that said please mom listen to my desperate plea.  Finally, I realized (tugging on the pants) that he wanted on the potty.  Except I was in total shock because we have never initiated any potty training with him.  I helped him with getting his pants off and sitting on his little potty that  just a few days earlier we pulled out of storage.  Since then he has refused to keep a diaper on, except for night time (thank goodness).  He seems too young to be doing this but  I'm going with the flow here, hehehehe.   It has been emotional.  We were so not prepared.  I wasn't even going to start introducing the potty until he was 2.  I just assumed boys potty trained later.  It makes him seem so grown up. This may just be a false start though, but we will be supporting him in this endeavor despite the mess.   He practically peed over every inch of our house today (yay for hard wood floors).   I finally ran out and bought some training pants so he can stay covered.  We do also live in an adult family home and I'm not sure how much the residents or nurses appreciate a naked toddler running around.  It did make me wish we had our own private home again because then he could, but the training pants are a good compromise.   He knows when he gets the sensation to go so we pull his pants down really quick and he'll sit there for 3 seconds or so, stand up, and then pee (or poop) on the floor.  Oy vey.  It's a lot of work, but I am excited.  Josh likened this process to having a puppy.  Which we hate puppies.  They are cute but we prefer the older variety of dog that comes pre-potty trained.  I know this is going to test our patience.  Especially since he is so young.  Although, it will be a nice payoff if this really is the real thing.  

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