Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Josh and I were kept awake pretty much all night long because of Carson's tossing and turning, gas, and random screaming in his sleep. Finally by 6am, after a dose of gripe water, he had explosive diarrhea that required a shower. The smell alone made me want to run from our house screaming. So we decided enough is enough and it's time to take action. I'm also having health issues, so maybe we are just passing something back and forth? We have an appointment with a naturopath tomorrow to get us both checked out. Carson has had diarrhea since he was born and up until starting solids it was completely mucousy. The doctor has blown us off because he's growing fine and he doesn't seem to exhibit any issues. Really, no issues, like screaming in his sleep, continuing severe acid reflux (which he was supposed to have grown out of by 12 months), and almost constant rancid diarrhea and sulfurous burn your nose gas. Nope, he's great. I'm going on 16+ months of no sleep and it's getting to me. Considering the fact that Josh and I got into an angry yet comical pillow fight this morning after a miscommunication. I thought Josh threw a pillow at Carson out of frustration. The pillow hit him pretty hard so I grabbed a pillow myself, jumped out of bed and hit Josh back with it (don't mess with mama bear), turns out he was trying to aim for the headboard and he felt bad..oops. Next time Josh just needs to go in the next room and punch the pillow, not throw it, and then we'll take turns. Some days, like today, are worse than others, but I have a feeling there's something in Carson's body that's causing this issue and we need to figure it out. I'm following my God-given mothering instincts here. (That's a topic in and of itself and I will hopefully be posting about that soon.)

So in the meantime, we are going to be eating extremely healthy. I'm going to do research on elimination diets and start that for both Carson and I in case it's a food allergy. I did this with dairy for a couple months after Carson was born and there was no change in his stools, but just in case I'll still include it in the elimination process. I'm also going to change prayer tactics. For a long time now I've been praying that God would heal Carson and help him to sleep better because of it but now I will be praying that God reveals to us or to the doctor what is causing Carson's health issue, especially since maybe it's starting with me.

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