Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sense of Humor

Last night while Josh and I were making cookies in the kitchen, I took a break to put Carson to bed and I thought what a great time to surprise my hubby with a "cute" outfit. I made sure my hair was primped and my make up looked good. Then while I was changing, Josh came to check and see what was taking me so long. I saw him go down the hall to the bathroom and while he did that I was attempting to hide behind the corner of our dresser. When he saw I wasn't in the bathroom, he turned around confused until he saw me trying to hide. We both started laughing because he realized what I was doing but not pulling off very well. So he went back to the kitchen and after I was done getting myself ready, I went out to make my entrance and he acted like he was surprised. We decided to finish the cookies and get the kitchen clean before anything else because, well, the surprise was ruined and really the surprise is what makes it special. (I know, romantic). So I grabbed a mixing bowl, walked over to the sink, turned it on and got completely sprayed in the face! It wasn't a little water, the hose was on full blast. I was stunned for a second and after thinking what the #$%! I saw there was a rubber band around the spray nozzle. I looked at Josh and we both started laughing hysterically. So much for being sexy! Oh well, Josh likes me with no make up on anyway. I should have seen it coming. Earlier in the day he asked me whether or not I would be upset if he played a prank on me and he happened to be standing at the sink at the time. I told him it depends and he said it was something he had seen on America's Funniest Home Videos (uh oh). Well I completely forgot all about this conversation until getting sprayed in the face. The timing was perfect though. We continued to laugh for a long time afterward. He wasn't expecting that to happen until the next day and the fact that it happened when I was trying to be "attractive" just added to the humor. Plus Josh got to point out that I looked good all wet. We had a great night of laughter and fun. Thanks hubby for bringing so much humor into our life! You're the best.

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