Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Marriage Tip from the Allens

My husband and I were discussing yesterday how not only is communication important in a marriage, but so is intimacy. I'm not talking about just sex here people! I'm talking about holding hands while watching TV, a quick hug, a smile, and yes even kissing. These are small things that Josh and I tend to forget about during our day to day lives. They are important though. It's something we try to keep on the top of our priority list. So I encourage you to take the time to kiss your spouse. Kiss and count to 5 (maybe throw a little tongue action in). It's amazing what 5 seconds of intimacy can do. Even if you've been fighting lately, or for awhile, that little bit of intimacy can bridge a gap and bring some tender feelings back to your relationship and hopefully open up the door to better communication and a better marriage. Or if your marriage is already in tip top shape, it can help get the fires burning a little bit hotter.

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