Friday, March 19, 2010

Evil Bug

Yesterday while I was snuggling Carson, he started whimpering and pulling on his pants under his bum. Sometimes he pulls on his pants when he has a dirty diaper so I picked him up and ran him into the nursery because this one must be hurting. I opened up his diaper and frantically started wiping as fast as I could because he kept whimpering. I saw a chunk of stuff in the fold of his leg so I went to wipe it off and realized it was a bug. I freaked out and got it off of him as fast as possible, but the stupid bug had stung him (I thought they were bite marks at the time). It had gotten him 3 times and the "bite" marks were huge with gigantic welts. I called Josh and he told me I needed to go look for it in case it was something poisonous. So whimpering and screeching I started moving things around on Carson's changing table trying to find the little bugger. After almost breaking down into tears, because of course this thing was going to crawl up my leg and sting me too, I finally found it. It turned out to be not so little. I saved it for Josh to do a little investigative work when he got home. He found that it's an assassin beetle/wheel bug. That's when we found out that they actually sting and it hurts worse than a bee sting and all Carson did was whimper. My poor baby! Ugh, I feel like I have creepy crawlies all over me just typing this.

Carson does spend a lot of time on the floor so I guess it makes sense that he would pick up a bug but I'm panicked that he's going to pick up another one. Especially since we see these bugs quite often here. Carson started throwing up early this morning and we're hoping it's a virus and not anything to do with that nasty creature. (Don't worry we already put a call into his doc's office just to make sure)

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