Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal

I just finished snuggling my baby boy to sleep and laid him down in our bed.  It felt good cuddling him.  No matter how long it takes me to get him to go to sleep I love the peace that comes when I watch him sleeping in my arms.  It always amazes me how fast the frustrations from the day fades away.

Tonight, however, I was able to get him down for sleep by 8pm, which is technically his bed time, but it doesn't always work out like we plan.  Since I am soooo exhausted today, it was a blessing.

I boycotted coffee this morning.  It was a spontaneous decision and my day went rather well despite the fact that I am fully addicted to caffeine.  I drank some green tea this morning to help combat the withdrawal headache and it did dull it some, but not completely.  It felt good to take this step because I have been wanting to for a long time now.  During Carson's pregnancy I stopped caffeine cold turkey and didn't pick it up again until he was about 6 months old and quickly became addicted to the effects like I had never had a break from it at all.

Well, this morning I realized that yesterday I had used my last packet of Starbucks Via and I just didn't feel like brewing a cup. Then I decided that by golly, I'm just going to be done with coffee all together.  I like the way I feel in the morning after a cup of joe, I'm ready to attack my day.  The downside is that I hate needing it to get started and then I especially hate the crash a few hours later.  I also hate to be addicted to something.

I know this is going to be healthier for me and any future pregnancy but I'm already dreading another morning without it.  Thankfully this should only last for a few days and hopefully I'll remember exactly how I feel now if I ever want to start drinking coffee again.

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