Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Sponge

It constantly amazes me how observant Carson is. Sometimes I forget because he doesn't yet have the words to describe what he sees, but he sees it. He only needs to see something once before imitating it. We are very careful when we mess with our electronics because we know it will only take once for him to witness how we get in and out of the locked up area before he'll be able to do it himself.

Yesterday Josh and I were pretty zonked out so we broke our cardinal rule which is the TV does not get turned on until Carson is in bed. I felt like zoning out in front of the tube so as the day was coming to a close, I watched Robin Hood, the one the BBC did. It's a cute show and Carson was sitting on my lap watching it with me. After sitting for awhile, Carson jumped down and I figured it was time to play. He can only handle sitting still for so long, even when he's tired. Well first thing he ran to his toy basket and grabbed a toy sword that was leftover from a Halloween Costume. It's a toy that really hasn't seen much action because he never knew what to do with it. Well after watching Robin Hood, he knew exactly what to do with it. He ran into the middle of the living room and started swinging it around like he was fighting the air. It was unbelievably adorable!!! I started laughing even though I was somewhat conflicted as to whether it was an okay thing or not for him to learn. I couldn't believe he put together the fact that hey, I have that, that thing they're swinging around, it's in my toy basket right over there, I can do that too! He was so pleased with himself that he figured it out. As he was fighting the air and making adorable noises (because fighting the air is such a challenge...he picked up that fact as well), he had a gigantic smile on his face.

It did remind me how careful I need to be. Sometimes I let some words go in front of Carson because he can't technically repeat them yet but someday soon he will be able to. Plus he can copy so much more than words. Like bad attitudes, a spirit of ungratefulness, work ethic, and oh so much more. This is probably my favorite thing about being a parent, it really forces you to become a better person.

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