Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God's Curve Ball

We have been flipped upside down, backwards, and side ways and maybe we're still upside down. All I know is I'm hanging on for dear life. It's amazing how you can have things all planned out and then God throws you a curve ball. This time we didn't see it coming and got smacked in the face and now we are holding an ice pack to our cheek while processing what the heck just happened.

This isn't because His plan is bad. God's plans are never bad. It's because His plan is so perfect we are in shock. I see it so clearly now. I see every little and big thing that He has done over the last year to bring us to this point. Really the only word I can presently say that expresses how I am feeling is - wow. There are some things in this plan that we are having a harder time with. Which is the fact that we will most likely be selling our tiny home. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes. We just painted the living room and now more than ever it feels like a place of refuge.

I've never leaned on God so much in my life. I do believe that during the last few months, God has been using our experiences to grow and refine us. We have never been under so much stress and I'm pretty sure we both have ulcers now, but the process has drawn us closer to Him. We are on the same path, just on a much smaller and less stressful scale. I'll share more details later as we try and figure everything out.  One thing is for certain, God's plans are always better than our own.

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  1. Wow Carrie-Sounds like you guys might be going through some major changes! But I do know that God works in wonderous ways:) Can't wait to hear more about how everything is going. Miss you guys!