Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elimination Diet Part 2

We are on to the no wheat part of our elimination diet.   Cutting out dairy was a piece of cake compared to this!  We have only been doing this since last Thursday and we have already had to resort to eating wheat a couple of times.

We ate at Subway trying to be healthy and when the Subway employee asked me what kind of bread I wanted, I froze.  Crap, I didn't think this one through.  I stood there processing options in my brain.  Could I say no bread?  No, that would be weird, what would they put all the toppings on.  Maybe there is a bread that would have less wheat, no, not really.  Okay, I'll just chose whatever and then toss the bread aside after we get ready to eat our sandwiches.  "Okay, I want honey oat."  You could tell the employee was a little peeved.

There are so many wheat alternatives like oat flour, barley flour, rice flour, and much much more.  It all requires to be made at home though.  So we've done fine in our own kitchen, it's just tough when we go out.  It has forced us to eat in more often however and that's a good thing.

We also went to dinner at a buffet with friends the other night and for some reason it was dairy and wheat night.  Almost every entree they had to choose from either had diary or wheat.  I was feeding Carson chicken and green beans but finally did give him some bites of other stuff because how bland is that!  Well, we paid for it.  Carson immediately had diarrhea and it continued through part of the next day.  I can't believe how sensitive he is.  Not just to diary and wheat, but to processed foods in general.

I am using this amazing cookbook called The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook by Cybele Pascal.  I love it!  It's great to use even if you don't have allergies.  Most of the recipes are wholesome, healthy, and easy plus she has a section of more gourmet recipes as well.  All of her pastries and deserts are made without sugar and she uses healthier substitutes like honey.   This is going to be a cookbook that I use a lot.

With all these changes, it is still hard to tell whether it is helping Carson's nighttime sleep.  For the last three weeks he has had a stuffy nose which gets worse at night and makes it hard to breathe, which of course wakes him up.  Plus he's cutting about 5 molars right now and has for the last several weeks.  (He is such a slow teether!)  With all of that going on it's sort of clouding the results of the diet change.  I'm hoping for some positive results soon.

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