Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Process

You know Carson has digestion issues when after Josh changes a dirty diaper and then stands there intently staring at it, I ask him if there is something moving in it. Honestly, I wouldn't rule out any possibilities at this point.

In all seriousness, his digestion is getting better. Although, it is hard to tell if it's effecting his sleep yet since he is massively teething and presently has a cold. Just from cutting out diary, his diarrhea has vanished. Woohoo! We know he's probably sensitive to other foods so we'll be carrying on with the elimination diet. This next week we'll be cutting out wheat and corn. We have a hunch that he's actually allergic to soy which sucks because it's in EVERYTHING.

Dairy has been fairly easy to cut out. I hadn't missed it all that much until I got stressed out yesterday and desperately wanted to guzzle a glass of milk. Never thought of milk as comfort food, but I suppose it probably is. Especially since our first experiences with milk in the form of breast milk or formula are comforting, not jut nourishing.

This has been a really healthy time for us. We're eating more whole foods than ever before. I will also be picking up a cook book for people with allergies and I'm honestly tempted to start by cooking cover to cover. I've never done that before and it seems like it would be a fun challenge! Plus it would help us avoid more of the allergy prone foods. It's tough coming up with recipes that have no dairy. Pretty much all of my casseroles have gone bye-bye. Thankfully since there are so many substitutions, it has made cooking fairly easy.

I'm excited to get Carson's allergy problem solved. Unfortunately it's not the quick fix I had always been dreaming of.

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