Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daddy Time

I enjoy watching my husband father our child.  Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like he doesn't do things "just right" or rather how I would personally do it.  I am trying to learn to be more relaxed and let him figure out what works for the two of them. 

Yesterday, I went out to coffee with my sister who I hadn't seen in awhile.  She just recently got back into town from spending the winter in California as a bee keeper.  Anyway, Starbucks is not really the place to bring a crazy energetic toddler.  As I was leaving, Josh started worrying about Carson getting cranky and wanting Mommy.  I didn't have many answers.  It was probably going to happen.  Luckily for the majority of the time Carson was a peach.  But as any toddler will, he went through a time of screaming unhappiness.  When I came home it was pretty cute to find baby carriers strung all over the house.  The Moby was stretched across half the living room and leading into the kitchen.  My Maya Ring Sling was undone and disheveled on the living room floor and unfortunately the one carrier he actually could have used, the Ergo, was in the car with me.  Even though he couldn't figure either one out, it melted my heart that he tried.  He obviously was able to get Carson through the Mommy withdrawal time because they were both happy by the time I got home.

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