Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Couple Cleaning Tips

I have to share these two cleaning tips I finally put into action.  I had heard both of them before but today I had to clean the whole house and with a toddler.  This isn't an easy feat.  To make it easier I used these two tips: 

1.  Start by cleaning  from the front door and clockwise through each room of the house; and
2.  Carry an empty laundry basket to load odds and ends into to be put away once you reach room they belong in (I even put trash in it to be thrown away when I got closer to the garbage can).

This was a huge help.  The laundry basket kept everything organized instead of just spreading the mess into other rooms of the house and as far as going in clockwise order, it was nice knowing where I was headed next.  It worked great for a whole house tidy.  Plus I didn't waste energy going back and forth to various rooms putting odds and ends away.  Usually, if I saw balled up socks I would walk them into our room and put them in the hamper but then when I would go back to tidying the living room, I would find a shirt under the couch and a hand towel.  So I would trek back to the room and put those in the hamper as well.  Back to the living room only to find something of Carson's that needs to be put in the hamper.  By the time I was done with just the living room I would be totally exhausted.  I will be using the two tips above from now on. 

For deep cleaning I do  prefer to have a schedule and pick one room to clean per day.  Although now with these two tips, I should be able to keep my house a tad tidier.

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