Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing my normal days

If I knew what was good for me, I'd be going to bed right now but since this is the first time I've been able to relax and think about something  other than adult family home related issues, I just can't help myself. 

We spent today in class again.  We learned a lot but I'm thankful we only have two more days left of this.  (Oh crap, I'm back to adult family home stuff, oh well).  It was rough dropping Carson off this morning at my mom's.  He was especially needy today and just wanted to snuggle with me.  I  would have much rather stayed home and just cuddled my little guy.  Although, he didn't seem to care once he saw we were at Grandma's and there were hoses to play with, mommy was chopped liver after that.  I'm thankful at least one of us are able to be home with him.  It would be hard if dropping him off somewhere was an everyday occurrence.  My heart goes out to those that don't have a choice. 

We are slowly making strides towards being adult family home owners.  Some days the mountain seems too high and we just won't be able to climb this one and other days, like today, it feels like we can conquer it despite some seemingly insurmountable challenges.  

A nice young couple looked at our home this weekend to possibly rent.  We're praying it works out.  We'd be down a few hundred a month still but it's better than double mortgages!  They would want to rent for a year and then maybe lease with option to purchase which would be perfect for us.  My husband calls me crazy but I would like to do some more fixing on the house before we officially sell.  I would feel bad selling with a bad roof and 60-year old furnace, even though the asking price would reflect these much needed repairs.  He reminds me that's the way we bought it.  Maybe I'm just worried that if we don't do it, the next owners won't do it either and the issues will just get worse with time until the damage has gone on for far too long and the house falls apart.  Melodramatic, I know, but I love this place and I want to sell it with it's best dress on so to speak.   I want to sell a piece of property that is worthy of being cherished.  It might be a pipe dream, but it's a goal of mine and I hope to see it come to fruition. 

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