Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking Life by the Horns

Josh and I have made the recent discovery that we have been letting ourselves be the victims of our own lives.  With each new responsibility and stress that has come along, we have added it to the already long list of burdens presently resting on our shoulders.  It has been making us feel more and more weak until finally we felt like depression was setting in.  We both thought how can we handle this?  I was becoming short tempered, the house was miserable because of it.  Thankfully at church this last Sunday our Pastor said exactly what we needed to hear.  It wasn't even the sermon subject.  He briefly mentioned that we can overcome.  This simple statement changed everything.  It woke me up to the reality that even though stressful events have been thrust upon us, it doesn't have to be stressful.  It's all in our perspective of the situation and our attitude regarding the circumstance.   Once this hit home,  my shoulders started rising and I felt 5 inches taller.  I can overcome this season!  I can overcome my attitude, exhaustion, depression,  and sleepless nights.  This was exactly what we needed to hear to get over ourselves!

So we are now taking life by the horns and ramming it into submission ;).   A new challenge, ok, bring it! We'll show you how gracefully we can overcome.

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