Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're on our way!

We are on our way to becoming Adult Family Home owners.  We finished our required class today and now I just have to finish up stacks of paperwork and send it into the state for approval.  The process could take a couple months but Josh and I are crossing our fingers that it won't be that long, especially since we're being really careful about having all of our ducks in a row. 

It felt good to be done with the class.  It's been a long couple weeks and you can tell Carson is done with the crazy schedule changes and being away from home.  Josh and I were pretty excited since we know sooo much more now about running the business and for the first time we have confidence in the fact that we CAN do this!  And we can do this well.  Then we go to work and Josh gets yelled at for 30mins or more by a resident who is massively confused and I was taking Carson outside so he didn't here the yelling, I thought, okay why are we doing this?  Ah yes, to provide a good home for 4 elderly people that would be otherwise lost in the system without us and to provide for our family.  It reminded me that there will be trying days, just like in any other business, but it will have it's benefits too.  I love 3 of them dearly and I'm working on the 4th.  He's just a tad more prickly, but still worthy of love.  Isn't that what Christ came to teach us!?  Josh and I are excited to incorporate that into our business. 

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