Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is something that has been on our hearts a lot lately.  God has really been changing us and giving us a spirit of contentment. As we lease our own little home and move into the adult family home, we will be simplifying quite a bit.  For awhile we will only have one bedroom. As I have been packing, I have found lots of little treasures I'd forgotten about in our basement and although they held sentimental value at one time, the need to de-clutter is more important than keeping wall hangings that were in my bedroom when I was three years old just for the heck of it.  It feels good to be simplyfing.

I also have been simplifying my wardrobe.  Cute plain t-shirts are more important to me than the latest style.  I got rid of half my wardrobe this morning.  I'm tired of all of my shirts requiring undershirts.  It is such a pain.  I now have to not only get Carson and I up every morning, but two elderly ladies as well.   Fashion has taken a back seat and it feels good.  Not that I've turned into a frump, but I've taken on the mom style with open arms.  Wish I would have done it sooner!  Having less in my closet is actually a relief. 

As we start planning out our move to the new house, we have discussed what rooms need updating, we are both realizing that nothing really needs to be done.  It's all a want.  Yes, it would be nice not to see pink floors, walls, counter tops, and a tub when you walk into the main bathroom, but it's functional and clean so it will stay awhile.   We can live with the 70s avocado green kitchen with the puke color floor as well. This home is dated, but it has been taken care of very well. Having a stylish home isn't important to us anymore. If it's functional, it stays. Having a child has completely put things into perspective for us.  In time we will make the house our own, but not until after we pay off debt, contribute and save.  We are looking forward to a simple life.

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